Products I Like

Ingredients We Bake with Regularly

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Baking Bar

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate

Individual Candy Bars

Plum Organics

I have made a smash cake
for Daniel with this product.

For You and Your Kitchen

Kuhn Rikon Peeler

Fastest peeler around!

Red Microplane Zester and Grater

Tiger Rice Cooker

High Heat Silicone Spatulas

With Stainless Steel Core

Cuisinart 12 cup Elite Food Processor

Die Cast

Lazy Fish Corkscrew

Stainless Steel

Culinary Books

LaRousse Gastronomie

Repetoire de la Cuisine

(A Go to Guide on Sauces)

A Taste of Tuscany by Sandra Lotti

(a favorite Chef Instructor of mine from Italy)

A Food Lover's Companion

(a consumer friendly food dictionary)

The Joy of Cooking

(well tested recipes for basics and more, a great go to recipe book)

Frozen Desserts


Ancient Chinese Secret Cooking

Maca Powder

Cruciferous root vegetable powder full of phytoestrogens (plant estrogens)

Wisconsin Ginseng

Products for New Moms (especially those over 40)

Comotomo Baby Bottles

Loved this to eliminate big-bubble burping
Available in Green or Pink

Comotomo Teething Ring

Best teething ring - designed like lil' fingers

Lactation Supplement

Magnetic Closure Onesie - Boys

A lifesaver for us!

Magnetic Closure Onesie - Girls